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These are the last of the good days

Treasure this time

For your world is dying.

This, Too, Shall Pass is a game/art project about the climate crisis and the ephemeral nature of everything. It consists of a Twitter bot (https://twitter.com/afleetingworld) that is connected to a number of different versions of the game currently in circulation on USB sticks around the world. Each one of the versions is set in a different climate zone, resulting in different looking worlds and different species of plants. The game is also accompanied by a downloadable B-side remix game priced based on the current global average temperature, which you can find here: https://loths.itch.io/this-too-has-passed, each sale of which funds a tree.

This version is the final release of the game and will be available indefinitely. It exists across a number of times and places across the world, a different combination for every person who plays it.

Soundtrack by Corne Coetzee


Buy Now$15.00 USD or more

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Having a bit of an issue, basically it runs, but whenever it loads into the world all that happens is it stares at the sky and spins, and I can't do anything besides splash in some water. Is this something I've done wrong, or a hardware issue or something, or is this a game issue?

This sounds like a new issue I haven't come across yet. Are you on the latest version of the game? It also sounds like there could be some joystick input messing with it, so maybe check if there's any controllers plugged in.

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Doing my best. You can turn tessellation off for a boost. I'm still looking for ways to make it work less hard but at this point I've done all the optimizations I can find

Deleting my comment because it was hurtful?

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Had the opportunity to drift through this realm a small while back, and simply adored the gradual sense of melancholy and wonder ♡


saw the game at the AMAZE conference. kind of weird to see it at a convention but no longer available for consumption. is the appearance at the con a soft announcement for a second release?


It is. Announcement about an announcement coming eventually

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oh yeah here's the announcement, game's released now

I made a video on the game.


how did you get the light to come through the trees in shafts like that?


just a postprocessing effect, I used these ones by staggart creations: https://assetstore.unity.com/packages/vfx/shaders/fullscreen-camera-effects/sc-post-effects-pack-108753

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I am experiencing a shallow sea in all directions with some alien weird things sticking up just far enough away to make me wish I had some kind of weight to leave on my W key while I made a cup of tea.  There's a spiral oddity going straight up.  I splosh through this ankle-deep water on very long walks towards a small number of these weird things, all of which are about 3-5 stories tall.  It begins at night but day comes soon; I spot a rainbow.

Others are talking about a desert, or New Zealand.  I'm not seeing any of that.  I see nothing resembling the screenshots here, the screenshots on the twitter account, or anything in any videos.

Am I doing something wrong?

Is everyone's version of this game different?

Is there a way for me to experience what I see in the screenshots?

This is an issue that has popped up a little while ago, am currently working on resolving it. Sorry about that!


Oh neat, I got the secret world!

Don't get me wrong it was surreal and interesting.  I was half wondering if all the other commenters were bots and I was descending into a madness built just for me.

bunch of bot comments misleading people and everyone playing a different game, that's a good idea, I'm going to shelf that for future use.

For what it's worth, I'm testing a potential fix at the moment, hopefully the software gods will smile upon me this day

Hm, it doesn't seem like I can launch it any more.  Did the fix make it into the game?

The game got taken offline on the 1st of May: https://loths.itch.io/this-too-shall-pass/devlog/142461/this-game-has-now-passed

Couldn't find a fix in time, but I'm working on something for people who ran into the issue, I'll be in touch about that in a few weeks

This game is absolutely stunning. The visuals are amazing, and the environment seems almost real! Thanks for this.


all it is just walking in a desert at night for around 20 minutes


Welcome to Breaking Bad, Better Call Saul, and Star Wars.


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I must have imagined all the characters, dialogue, and guns in those.

In a way, you did. At any rate, I did not preclude them as well.

Cool game, cool environments, cool idea with the twitter bot, and the B-Side project is also a really cool idea what with the pricing based on global temperature. Very environmental and interesting. The walking speed feels slow but I also got a huge empty space to use so it was probably just my luck making me feel so slow. My computer isn't quite beefy enough to run this game at its full glory, but I can see by the screenshots that the environments have the potential to look really cool. Nice game, but definitely more to ponder and less to play.

Linux version please.

Is a mac version possible?

It might be, I'll make an attempt.


Updated with a mac version, let me know if you run into any issues

it says that the application can't be opened


Does this game have a goal?


There is an ending and much to see and explore. You'll know when you get there.

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I really love the concept of the temporary nature as well as the global scale of what you're doing.  Thank you for sharing this!

oh omg!!! so simple preview and so GREAT game! that's really cool man! great jog

so amazing game :D